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Making time to wine and dine: A PerfectCellar event in The Clock Tower at St. Pancras.

Here’s a common enough scenario. You’re searching for a soul mate–or hey, maybe just someone to share a Tinder moment with–so you turn to the Internet to  peruse your options.

You quickly skim through descriptions provided by potential partners. “Likes puppies, sunsets, and long walks on the beach. Never clips toenails on public transportation. Master of the back massage. Mildly obsessed with feet. Afflicted by a paralyzing fear of clowns.”

Aside from a questionable foot fetish and the clown thing (although honestly, who doesn’t think they’re creepy), this could be promising, right? (Hey, it’s a Saturday night, you’re lonely, and you’ve just polished off your third G&T. It’s possible your standards are slipping slightly).

Anyway, you think you might give this one a shot. But let’s be honest. No way are you going to commit to a drink together until you sneak a peek at a photo.

Now, imagine choosing a wine like you might choose your next date. That, in essence, is the concept behind This boutique online service, which is the exclusive UK importer for 25 wine producers from around the world, understands that a juicy photo is the best way to whet one’s appetite.

Let’s say I’m looking for a fortified red wine–the oenophile’s equivalent of “tall, dark and handsome.” So I click on, tick a few boxes, and this pops up: Mas Amiel Vintage Maury Rouge 2012.

There’s a scintillating description: “A composed and harmonious interior of sweet and savoury enclosed within a modern, art deco exterior that is both functional and decadent at the same time. Luxurious black forest gateau fills the room, whilst mint leaf, raisin and parma violets swoop in on the tailcoats of a mineral streak to complete this delectable mash-up, before ending in a refreshing sour cherry finish. Another glass, you say?”

I admit, I’m a tiny bit titillated. But here’s what sets PerfectCellar apart: an image that makes me sit up and say, “Well, helloooooo, sailor!”

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 11.19.17 AM

Courtesy PerfectCellar

Essentially, every wine sold by PerfectCellar features an artsy still life depicting the flavours found within the bottle.

“People have hugely complex tastes, but they may not always be able to explain what that is,” says Simone Williams, head of the company’s marketing and communications. “So we’re trying to take the challenge out of choosing a bottle of wine for yourself. We want to reduce the amount of disappointment.”

What’s more—unlike Internet dating services—each wine and wine producer has been vetted by PerfectCellar.

“They all share the same ethos: small batch, low producing, family estates, and usually organic,” Williams says. “We assure great quality.”

The company also arranges “wine experiences” and wine tastings, where you get to sample lots of different vintages before making a big commitment–kind of like swiping right or left. Bottles start at just £8…and that’s a pretty cheap date.

For information on renting The Clock Tower apartment at St. Pancras for a special event or overnight stay: 

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