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Amy atop Mt Teide (1)“If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it, too?” Well, probably, Mom, if I thought it would make a good story…and if I was sure the bungee cord was tied on really, REALLY tightly.

As a London-based journalist, photographer — and natural coward attempting to conquer my fears through my travel adventures — I’ve paraglided 007-style in the Swiss Alps, walked with lions in Mauritius, swum with sharks in French Polynesia, and dangled from chains on Scotland’s Fife Coastal Path.

woman petting a lion in Mauritius

“Say ‘aaaah!'”

My most terrifying challenge, however, was taking ballroom dance lessons in London. Fortunately, that’s the only incident that nearly ended in a bloodbath.

Beyond travel, I love to cover spirits—the kind you drink, that is, not the ones that go bump in the night. I’ve also worked as a television news producer in the Cayman Islands, as a freelancer for People and Teen People magazines, and as a contributor to Better Homes and Gardens and other architectural magazines. The Lyons Press published my book, “The Orvis Book of Cabins,” which is available on Amazon.

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Specialty topics: Travel writing and photography; wine, beer and spirits; home design and decor.


  1. gabrielle says:

    Thank you Amy, for your wonderful NAME! I read your article on Positano and Sorrento in AAA’s Journey Magazine and loved it. I was so delighted by your name, and of course your field of work, that I had to look you up on line! Keep on trekking! What a wonderful way to live. Bless you!

  2. Paulette Bobich says:

    You are so wonderful and talented! Beautiful lady and such a sweet friend! Love you!

  3. Angie Swaney says:

    I love that I “know” you. I mean.. I know people that know you and we went to Redan together.. so that counts, right? 😉
    I really enjoy reading your blog. Your similes make this teacher very very happy. I’d love to get your permission to share them with the teachers at my school to help our students understand how to use language to bring the reader into their writing.

    And on a side note – I’m planning my ultimate dream trip to England, and will be taking that 4 mile walk through 1000 years!

    • Hi Angie. Thank you so much for your kind note! Always a pleasure to “meet” a fellow Raider. I’d be delighted for your to share my website with your fellow teachers or with students. I hope you have a fabulous visit here in the U.K. Bring some Southern sunshine with you, please!

  4. Anne says:

    I’d like to know if you are related to Randi Laughinghouse, daughter of Herbie and Marilyn Berkowitz of Philadelphia. My aunt Lucille is visiting us in Alameda, CA and left Randi’s phone number at home in Florida. Please contact me if you have the info. Thanks!

    • Hi Anne. Thanks so much for your message! We MUST be related to Randi’s husband somehow. What is his name? Where is he from? There just aren’t that many Laughinghouses around! By the way, I was in Alameda about a year and a half ago. Great town! I actually stayed in Niles, on the East Bay. Have you ever been there?

  5. Nancy Gross Junk says:

    Hi Amy. Did you live in Linthicum as a child? My daughters, Annette and Alana, had a friend and classmate with your name during elementary school.

    My favorite place in the world is St. John, USVI as well. I am heartbroken about the devastation there. We spent our vacations there for 15 years. It always felt like going home.

    • Dear Mrs. Gross: Oh my goodness!!! Yes, that was me. I remember Annette and Alana! How are you all? It’s amazing to hear from you after so many years. Please do send your daughters my best. I’d love to hear your news. As for St. John, the devastation was heart-wrenching, but it does seem as though the island is starting to get back on its feet. Here’s a link to a relatively recent article I found: https://wtop.com/business-finance/2017/11/st-john-the-little-virgin-island-that-could/slide/1/

      • Nancy Junk says:

        I thought it was you! It sounds as though you live a wonderfully exciting life and I’m so glad to hear from you. I can’t believe our love of St. John was the connector. I read the article you recommended and am glad there is so much help there. I have been searching for updates since it was our special place. We spent many weeks at The Westin and owned a timeshare there for many years.

        I am remarried and my name is now Nancy Junk and we live in Florida, where most retirees go! Annette and family live in Glen Burnie and Alana lives in Hampstead.

        The best to you and the rest of your family.

        • Thank you so much for the update on you and the girls. I’m glad to hear that you’re all doing well. You must be enjoying the winters in Florida far more than those around Baltimore! Please tell Annette and Alana I said hello. Maybe I will see you all sometime on St. John? 🙂

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